To submit an abstract, an author is kindly asked to log in to their Participant Profile and upload the required files.

File typeDownload
MS Word *.docdsta21-abstract-template.doc

Precise information about formatting and preparation of the manuscript for submission is included in the template.

The 2-page manuscripts in .pdf and .doc should be uploaded with a Copyrights Transfer Agreement.

Note: Most of the accepted papers will be published in Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics (authors will be informed about the Committee's decision by August 2nd). However, based on the 2-page manuscripts, the DSTA Scientific Committee will select the most prominent submissions, the full versions of which will be recommended to special issues of reputable journals. Authors of these papers will decide whether they want to submit their full-length paper to the journal special issue (keeping in mind that papers will go through a standard review process and may be rejected eventually) or publish in Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics.