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Contribution title and Authors
Full spectrum analysis for studying the backward whirl in accelerated rotor systems
Mohammad AL-Shudeifat, Oleg Shiryavev, Tariq Alzarooni*, Chandrasekhar Nataraj
The use of the dynamic vibration absorber for energy harvesting
Leo Acho Zuppa, Jan Awrejcewicz, Nataliya Losyeva, Volodymyr Puzyrov*, Nina Savchenko — special session No. 3
Influence of bending and torsional flexibility on displacements and loading of risers
Iwona Adamiec-Wójcik*, Lucyna Brzozowska, Stanisław Wojciech
Modeling the spatiotemporal transmission of Cholera disease involving infectiology, epidemiology and controls
Shohel Ahmed*, Md. Kamrujjaman
Continuum & statistical aspects of gradient theory
Elias C. Aifantis* — keynote speech
Gradient and fractional elasticity models in statics and dynamics
Elias C. Aifantis* — special session No. 3
Distribution of lifetimes for transient bursting states in coupled noisy excitable systems
Nurtay Albanbay*, Bekbolat Medetov, Michael Zaks — special session No. 4
Two-mode low-frequency approximations for anti-plane shear of a high-contrast asymmetric laminate
Mohammed Alkinidri, Ludmila Prikazchikova, Julius Kaplunov* — special session No. 5
On backward whirl excitation in linear-time-variant intact and cracked rotor systems
Tariq Alzarooni*, Mohammad AL-Shudeifat, Oleg Shiryavev, Chandrasekhar Nataraj
New trends for the motion of a rigid body and dynamical systems
Tarek Amer* — keynote speech
Bolotin’s reduce beam model for various boundary conditions
Igor V. Andrianov*, Jan Awrejcewicz, Wim T. van Horssen — special session No. 5
Low and high frequency dynamic models and modes coupling in vibration of a non-linear lattice
Igor Andrianov, Vladyslav Danishevskyy*, Bernd Markert — special session No. 5
Secondary feedback control in smart grids
David Angulo-Garcia, Fabiola Angulo*, Luz-Adriana Ocampo — special session No. 8
Critical tolerance evolution: Classification of the chain-recurrent set
Carlos Argaez*, Peter Giesl, Sigurdur Freyr Hafstein
Great persons and results make biomimetics incredibly inspirational
Ivana Atanasovska*, Dejan Momcilovic
The dynamics analysis of a spatial linkage with flexible links and imperfect revolute joints
Krzysztof Augustynek*, Andrzej Urbaś — special session No. 2
Nested closed invariant curves in the 2D piecewise linear normal form
Viktor Avrutin*, Zhanybai Zhusubaliyev — special session No. 1
Vibration of nonlinear lumped systems with serially connected elastic elements
Jan Awrejcewicz, Roman Starosta*, Grażyna Sypniewska-Kamińska
Comparative analysis of the theories of nano-mechanical systems on the example of contact interaction of nano-Bernoulli-Euler beams
Jan Awrejcewicz, Anton V. Krysko*, Мaxim V. Zhigalov, Vadim A. Krysko
Methods of nonlinear dynamics for analyzing historical processes
Jan Awrejcewicz, Tatyana Y. Yaroshenko*, Maxim V. Zhigalov, Igor I. Shulga, Ivan A. Bulatov, Vadim A. Krysko
Shells subjected to mechanical and thermal loads and corrosion
Jan Awrejcewicz, Anton V. Krysko*, E.Yu. Krylova, T.Y. Yaroshenko, M.V. Zhigalov, Vadim A. Krysko
Estimation of the domain of attraction for a nonlinear mechanical system with three degrees of freedom
Jan Awrejcewicz, Dmytro Bilichenko, Akram Khalil Cheib, Nataliya Losyeva, Volodymyr Puzyrov*
Nonlinear dynamics of flexible nanobeams taking into account the Casimir, van der Waals and Coulomb forces
Jan Awrejcewicz, Olga A. Saltykova*, Vadim A. Krysko
Size-dependent nonlinear vibrations of micro-plates subjected to in-plane magnetic field
Jan Awrejcewicz, Olga Mazur*
Nonlinear dynamics of Euler-Bernoulli nanobeams in temperature/magnetic fields and under radiation with an account of physical nonlinearity
Jan Awrejcewicz, Vadim A. Krysko-jr*, Olga A. Saltykova, Irina V. Papkova, Vadim A. Krysko
Nonlinear dynamics of thermoelastic Sheremetiev-Pelekh nanobeams with topologically optimal microstructure
Jan Awrejcewicz, Мaxim V. Zhigalov, Sergey P. Pavlov, Vadim A. Krysko*
Free vibration analysis of FGM shell with complex planform in thermal environments
Jan Awrejcewicz, Lidiya Kurpa, Tetyana Shmatko* — special session No. 12
Synchronization of complex interaction networks of reaction-diffusion systems. Application in neuroscience
M. Aziz Alaoui* — keynote speech
Data-driven nonlinear dynamics
Bala Balachandran* — keynote speech
Slosh analysis on a full car model with SDRE control and hydraulic damper
Wagner Barth Lenz, Mauricio A. Ribeiro, Angelo M. Tusset*, Elżbieta Jarzębowska, Jose Manoel Balthazar — special session No. 2
Dynamics of sensing element of micro- and nanoelectromechanical sensors as anisotropic size-dependent plate
Marina Barulina*, Alexey Golikov, Sofia Galkina — special session No. 1
Application of the Lie symmetries in the moving frames theory to solve nonholonomic constraints problems
Claudio Basquerotto*, Adrián Ruiz, Edison Righetto, Samuel da Silva — special session No. 2
Optimum first failure load design of one/two-core sandwich plates under blast loads, and their ultimate loads
Romesh C. Batra* — keynote speech
Dynamical systems and stability in fractional solid mechanics
Peter Beda*
Using electromagnetic springs for tailoring dynamical characteristics
Maksymilian Bednarek*, Donat Lewandowski, Jan Awrejcewicz
Bending vibration systems which are complementary with respect to eigenvalues
Carsten Behn*, Christoph Will, Lukas Merker, Joachim Steigenberger
Bending vibrations with boundary damping – unlike behavior of tactile sensors
Carsten Behn*, Christoph Will, Joachim Steigenberger
Bending vibration systems as tactile sensors for contact point detection using natural frequencies
Carsten Behn*, Daniel Baldeweg, Christoph Will — special session No. 6
The mechanical background of devices for balancing skill development
László Bencsik, Dalma Nagy, Ambrus Zelei*, Tamás Insperger — special session No. 6
Analysis of switching strategies for the optimization of periodic chemical reactions with controlled flow-rate
Peter Benner, Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern, Alexander Zuyev*
Comparisons of various fractional order controllers on a poorly damped system
Isabela Birs, Ioan Nascu, Eva Dulf, Cristina Muresan* — special session No. 11
Vibro-acoustic interactions of a dynamic system -- the case of two contra-rotors
Jaroslaw Robert Blaszczak*
Analysis of dynamic properties of an aeroacoustic anechoic room
Jaroslaw Robert Blaszczak*
Dynamic identification method for determining the plastic properties of the material used as a front layer of impact shields
Miroslaw Bocian, Krzysztof Jamroziak, Maciej Kulisiewicz* — special session No. 7
Locomotion of a foil with a sharp edge in a fluid due to periodic controls
Alexey Borisov, Ivan Mamaev*, Evgenii Vetchanin, Alexander Kilin
Nonholonomic acceleration and chaotic dynamics of locomotion
Alexey Borisov*, Ivan Mamaev, Ivan Bizyaev, Alexander Kilin
Asymmetry induced complex dynamics of coupled laser systems
Anastasios Bountis*, Yannis Kominis, Joniald Shena, Vassilios Kovaniis — special session No. 1
A Rulkov neuronal model with Caputo fractional variable-order differences of convolution type
Oana Brandibur, Eva Kaslik, Dorota Mozyrska, Malgorzata Wyrwas* — special session No. 11
Modeling of dynamics of coopereiting wheeled mobile robots
Andrzej Burghardt*, Piotr Gierlak, Wincenty Skwarek — special session No. 10
Finite element modelling and simulations of sandwich beam dynamics considering crack growth and contact
Vyacheslav Burlayenko*
Vibration mitigation of coupled bending-torsion beams via tuned mass dampers
Andrea Burlon* — special session No. 3
Fractional nonlinear viscoelastic rubbers for base isolated systems
Andrea Burlon*, Mario Di Paola, Giuseppe Failla — special session No. 3
Nonlinear dynamics of the industrial city's atmospheric ventilation: New differential equations model and chaos
Vasily Buyadzhi*, Olga Khetselius, Yuliya Bunyakova, Iryna Buchko
Nonlinear dynamics of laser systems: Chaos, bifurcations and strange attractors
Vasily Buyadzhi*, Anna Buyadzhi, Alexey Chernyshev
Kinematic analysis of the rolling locomotion of mobile robots based on tensegrity structures with spatially curved compressed members
Einrique Roberto Carrillo Li, Philipp Schorr, Tobias Kaufhold, Jorge Antonio Hernandez Rodrigez, Lena Zentner, Klaus Zimmermann, Valter Böhm*
The interaction of two point vortices with sources in an unsteady 2D shear flow and the transition to chaos
Xavier Carton*, Konstantin Koshel, Jean Reinaud, Charly De Marez — special session No. 1
Analysis of the movement of the load during the interaction of wind force
Dawid Cekus, Paweł Kwiatoń*, Tomasz Geisler
Optimal rendezvous with proportional navigation unmanned aerial vehicle
Oleg Cherkasov*, Elina Makieva
Optimal thrust control for the Modified Brachistochrone Problem
Oleg Cherkasov*, Nina Smirnova, Sheng Huang — special session No. 7
Kuramoto Oscillators under local unidirectional coupling: the phenomenon of bunching and anti-bunching
Lock Yue Chew* — special session No. 1
On the influence of rubber tracks vibrations upon energy losses in crawler vehicles drive systems
Jakub Chołodowski*, Piotr Dudziński — special session No. 10
Finding globally optimal combinations of cranes drive mechanisms by the method of exhausting alternative design structures of mechanisms
Stefan Chwastek*
Comparison using FEA between cylindrical, spherical, and conical configurations of optical choppers with shafts
Eduard-Sebastian Csukas*, Dorin Demian, Virgil-Florin Duma — special session No. 12
The model of wheel-surface interaction for all terrain vehicle dynamics simulation
Tomasz Czapla*, Mariusz Pawlak*
Experimental identification of wheel-surface model parameters – various terrain conditions
Tomasz Czapla*, Marcin Fice, Roman Niestrój
Dynamic model of a remotely controlled swarm of robots
Jakub Deda, Tomasz Mirosław*, Adam Zawadzki
An experimental investigation on noisy intermittency
Ezequiel Del Rio*, Sergio Elaskar — special session No. 1
Perturbation analysis of a MDOF system equipped a tuned mass damper
Vincent Denoël* — special session No. 3
A novel procedure for dynamic identification from ambient vibration data
Alberto Di Matteo, Mario Di Paola, Iain Peter Dunn, Chiara Masnata, Antonina Pirrotta* — special session No. 3
Path integral approach and Kolmogorov-Feller equation for nonlinear systems under parametric Poisson white noise
Alberto Di Matteo, Mario Di Paola*, Antonina Pirrotta — special session No. 3
Control base isolation structure (BIS) with a novel passive tuned mass damper inerter (TMDI) device
Salah Djerouni*, Mouncef Eddine Charrouf*, Mahdi Abdeddaim*, Nassim Djedoui*, Abdelhafid Ounis — special session No. 3
Approximate solutions of some classes of dynamic and control problems based on Pade approximations
Mikhail Dmitriev*, Yulia Danik — special session No. 5
Numerical and analytical investigation of chatter suppression by parametric excitation
Fadi Dohnal, Wolfgang Hörtnagel* — special session No. 4
Dynamics of circular plates under selected heat loadings: Finite element and analytical models
Simona Doneva*, Jerzy Warminski, Emil Manoach
On features of the contact model of an elastic brake shoe with a wheel
Marat Dosaev* — special session No. 7
Friction coefficient estimating in problem of planar motion of a friction-powered robot
Marat Dosaev*, Shyh-Shin Hwang, Vitaly Samsonov — special session No. 7
The q-Ateb-functions and their properties
Ivanna Dronyuk*
Modeling and experimental tests on motion resistance of double-flange rollers of rubber track systems due to sliding friction between the rollers and guide lugs of rubber tracks
Piotr Dudziński, Jakub Chołodowski* — special session No. 10
Adaptive fractional order control of a quadrotor
Eva-H. Dulf, Cristina-I. Muresan*, Daniel D. Timis — special session No. 11
Risk related prediction for recurrent stroke and post-stroke epilepsy using Fractional Fourier Transform analysis of EEG signals
Eva-H Dulf*, Clara-M. Ionescu, Cristina Ioana Muresan* — special session No. 11
Exact non-linear scan patterns of laser scanners with rotational Risley prisms: mathematical analysis, simulations, and experiments
Virgil-Florin Duma* — special session No. 1
Optomechatronic disk choppers with generalized window profiles: Ascertainment and multi-parameter analysis of non-linear transmission functions
Virgil-Florin Duma* — special session No. 2
Modelling of torsional vibrations in a motorcycle steering system
Andrzej Dębowski*, Dariusz Żardecki — special session No. 10
Stability of discrete fractional systems under random perturbations and lifespan distribution of living species
Mark Edelman* — special session No. 1
Generation of hidden multiscroll attractors based on piecewise linear systems
Rodolfo de Jesús Escalante Gonzalez, Eric Campos Cantón* — special session No. 1
Experimental investigation of wave propagation in light weight structures undergoing flexural vibration
Adriano Fabro, Daniely Amorim*
Novel concepts of resonators for beam structures
Giuseppe Failla*, Gioacchino Alotta — special session No. 3
Numerical investigation on pounding effects between two adjacent base-isolated building models under dynamic excitations
Tomasz Falborski*, Natalia Lasowicz
Fault detection of PTO with accurate MBS method
Hamed Farahmand*, Reza Abdollahi*
Nonlinear dynamics and control of two tethered satellites: rigid body approach
André Fenili*, Leonardo Monteiro Mazzariol
Parametric optimization of TLCD-Main Structure Coupled System subject to seismic excitations
Juliano Ferreira Martins*, Marcus Vinicius Girão De Morais, Suzana Moreira Ávila — special session No. 3
The use of mechanical resonance for the reduction of torque pulsation and energy demand in machines with crankshaft systems
Wieslaw Fiebig*
Influence of sliding bearing parameters on the dynamical behavior of external gear pumps
Wieslaw Fiebig*, Piotr Kruczek
Passenger distribution versus a light rail vehicle running behavior
Szymon Finke*, Tomasz Staśkiewicz, Bartosz Firlik
Analytical approach to vibro-impact dynamics of two coupled oscillators
Pawel Fritzkowski*, Roman Starosta, Jan Awrejcewicz
A biomechanical investigation of center of pressure velocity characteristics for scoliosis during walking
Lin Fu*, Jan Awrejcewicz
Quasistatic frictional contact problem governed by a variational–hemivariational inequality
Piotr Gamorski* — special session No. 7
Singularity analysis of planar 8-bar lever mechanism using screw theory
Elena Gebel*, Victor Glazunov — special session No. 7
Approximate kinematic synthesis of the four-bar mechanism by two given positions of the links
Elena Gebel*, Asylbek Jomartov
Response spectrum analysis of mid-story seismically isolated building structures
Federica Genovese, Giuseppe Muscolino* — special session No. 3
On the use of tuned mass dampers for vibration mitigation in offshore wind turbines
Mina Ghassempour*, Giuseppe Failla, Felice Arena, Giovanni Malara — special session No. 3
Influence of control system parameters and it’s disturbances on lane change process
Mirosław Gidlewski, Leszek Jemioł, Dariusz Żardecki* — special session No. 10
Analysis of parametric vibration of a roller coaster flexible wheel
Piotr Gierlak*, Andrzej Burghardt, Krzysztof Kurc, Dariusz Szybicki — special session No. 4
Nonlinear dynamics of atomic and molecular systems in an electromagnetic field: Deterministic chaos and strange attractors
Alexander V. Glushkov*, Anna Ignatenko, Anna Kuznetsova, Anna Buyadzhi
Deterministic chaos in a damage dynamics of the engineering (vibrating) structures under varying environmental and operational conditions
Alexander V. Glushkov*, Vasily V. Buyadzhi, Alexander Mashkantsev, Alexey Lavrenko
Impact of topology on directed network dynamics
Alexander Goltsev* — special session No. 1
Experimental nonlinear localisation in a system of two coupled beams
Aurélien Grolet*, Zein Alabidin, Sadaf Arabi, Olivier Thomas — special session No. 9
Stability of three wheeled narrow vehicle
Witold Grzegożek, Krzysztof Weigel-Milleret* — special session No. 10
Stability and control of a hybrid walking robot on vibrating and unstable terrain
Dariusz Grzelczyk*, Jan Awrejcewicz
Modelling and control of a lower limb exoskeleton driven by linear actuators
Dariusz Grzelczyk*, Olga Jarzyna, Jan Awrejcewicz
An influence of the external electric field and internal imperfections on the reflectance and transmittance of light propagated in liquid crystals
Dariusz Grzelczyk*, Jan Awrejcewicz
Application of the Unscented Kalman Filter to experimental estimation of states and parameters of synchronous generators
Jose Mario Vicensi Grzybowski*, Cassio Luciano Baratieri
A rotational energy harvester for propulsion systems: design and experimental validation
Ben Gunn*, Stephanos Theodossiades, Steve Rothberg
Evolution of a wave function in a mixed phase space: chaos-assisted tunneling
David Guéry-Odelin* — special session No. 1
Application of homogenous transformations in dynamic analysis of truck trailers
Andrzej Harlecki, Adam Przemyk*, Szymon Tengler — special session No. 10
Rolling heavy ball over the surface with arbitrary shape in real Rn3 space
Katic R. (Stevanovic) Hedrih*
Synchronisation of biological oscillators in reproductive biology
Andjelka Hedrih* — special session No. 6
A new analytical approach to nonlinear free vibration of microtubes
Nicolae Herisanu*, Vasile Marinca
Stability of snaking trailers
Hanna Zsófia Horváth*, Dénes Takács — special session No. 10
Study on the properties of the microcellular injection molded Polyolefin/Beta Cyclodextrin composites
Chi-chuan Hsu, Shia-chung Chen, Shyh-shin Hwang* — special session No. 7
Harmonic transfer path analysis of a wine refrigerator
Wolfgang Hörtnagel*, Stefan Plagg, Fadi Dohnal
Dynamics of the microresonator in the regime of supercritical compression
Vasilisa Igumnova*, Lev Shtukin, Aleksei Lukin, Ivan Popov
Optimization of mitigation strategy for Under-Body Blast load to minimize injury of spine
Artur Iluk*
Controlled dynamical system for leveling vibrations of longitudinal forces in railway couplers of multi-part rail vehicles
Jacek Jackieiwcz*
Nonlinear modelling and control of self-balancing human transporter
Saransh Jain*, Sarthak Jain, Mohit Makkar — special session No. 2
Consideration about H-type rotor with the Magnus effect
Mateusz Jakubowski* — special session No. 2
A simple pattern generator for biped walking
Olga Jarzyna*, Dariusz Grzelczyk, Jan Awrejcewicz
Dynamics and vibration analysis of a spatial linkage model with flexible links and joint friction subjected to position and velocity motion constraints
Elżbieta Jarzębowska*, Andrzej Urbaś, Krzysztof Augustynek — special session No. 2
Quaternion based free-floating space manipulator dynamics modeling using the dynamically equivalent manipulator approach
Elżbieta Jarzębowska, Marcin Kłak* — special session No. 2
Motion cases analysis of the mobile platform with four-wheel drive under slippage conditions
Anna Jaskot*, Bogdan Posiadała, Szczepan Śpiewak
From dissipation-induced instability to the dynamics of engines
Alejandro Jenkins* — special session No. 1
Quantum-gravity in a dynamical system perspective
Sijo K. Joseph* — special session No. 1
Dynamic and control applied to a non-ideal portal frame structure to energy harvesting
Remei H. Junior, Wagner B. Lenz, Rodrigo T. Rocha, Mauricio A. Ribeiro, Angelo Marcelo Tusset*, Jose M. Balthazar, Elzbieta Jarzebowska — special session No. 2
Adaptive, nonlinear synchronization of a Duffing oscillator with unknown parameters
Jacek Kabziński*
The dynamics and control of a high-rise vertical transportation system with a hydraulic damper-actuator system
Stefan Kaczmarczyk* — special session No. 2
Nonlinear study of a Pneumatic Artificial Muscle (PAM) under superharmonic resonance condition using method of multiple scales
Bhaben Kalita*, Santosha K. Dwivedy
Optimization of the spindle speed during milling of high-dimensional structures with the use of technique of Experiment-Aided Virtual Prototyping
Krzysztof J. Kaliński, Marek Galewski, Michał Mazur, Natalia Morawska*
Analytical and numerical study of piecewise linear Mathieu equation with non-zero offset
Jayaprakash Kalkunte Raghunath*, Yuli Starosvetsky — special session No. 9
The influence of asymmetric electrodes on the non-planar dynamics of a parametrically excited nonlinear microbeam
Prashant Kambali*, Tova Mintz, Karin Mora, Eyal Buks, Oded Gottlieb
Dynamics of a spherical robot in cases of periodical control actions and oscillations of the underlying surface
Yury Karavaev*, Alexander Kilin, Alexey Borisov
Ultrasensitive mass sensing using a single cantilever coupled with a computational cantilever
Yuki Kasai*, Hiroshi Yabuno, Takeshi Ishine, Yasuyuki Yamamoto, Sohei Matsumoto
Theoretical and experimental investigations of a magnetic levitation system for energy recovery
Krzysztof Kecik* — special session No. 3
Improving functionality of absorber/harvester system by a smart adaptive suspension
Krzysztof Kecik*, Rafal Rusinek — special session No. 3
Uncertainties in the movement and measurement of a hexapod robot
István Kecskés, Ákos Odry, Péter Odry*
New generalized chaos-geometric and neural networks approach to nonlinear modeling of complex chaotic dynamical systems
Olga Khetselius*, Andrey Svinarenko, Anna Ignatenko
Chaos-geometric approach to analysis and forecasting evolutionary dynamics of complex systems: atmospheric pollutants dynamics
Olga Khetselius*, Andrey Svinarenko, Yuliya Bunyakova, Iryna Buchko
An experimental observation of the spatial motions of strings in resonance points under the planar excitation
Sungyeup Kim*
Electromechanical impedance tomography for strand breakage localization in multi-strands anchorage
Jeong-Tae Kim*, Ngoc-Loi Dang
Damped driven response of granular chain
Victor Kislovsky, Margarita Kovaleva, Yuli Starosvetsky* — special session No. 9
Rapid vibro-acoustic optimisation of laminated composites
Matthias Klaerner*, Lothar Kroll, Steffen Marburg
Influence of the shoe type on the ground reaction forces during gait
Małgorzata Klepczyńska, Bartłomiej Zagrodny*, Wiktoria Wojnicz, Michał Ludwicki, Jan Awrejcewicz — special session No. 6
Convergence of dual infinity series
František Klimenda, Josef Soukup, Blanka Skočilasová, Lenka Rychlíková*
Impact wave propagation in a thin elastic isotropic plate
František Klimenda, Josef Soukup, Lenka Rychlíková*
System-level modelling of resonant MEMS inertial sensors
Petr Koludarov*, Alexey Lukin, Ivan Popov
Application of the wheel-flat detection algorithm using advanced acoustic signal analysis
Pawel Komorski*, Grzegorz M. Szymanski, Tomasz Nowakowski, Malgorzata Orczyk — special session No. 12
Control of the gyroscopic observation and tracking system on deck of the quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle in the conditions of random interference impact
Zbigniew Koruba*, Izabela Krzysztofik
Assessment of implementation of neural networks in on-board dynamic payload weighing systems
Andrzej Kosiara, Aleksander Skurjat*, Jakub Chołodowski
Snake robot based on McKibben Pneumatic Artificial Muscles
Katarzyna Koter*, Lukasz Fracczak, Kalina Chojnacka, Konrad Jablonski, Sandra Zarychta, Leszek Podsedkowski — special session No. 6
Non-conventional synchronization in the chains of weakly coupled nonlinear autogenerators
Margarita Kovaleva*, Leonid Manevitch — special session No. 9
Interchain energy exchange in the DNA coarse-grained model
Margarita Kovaleva*, Leonid Manevitch — special session No. 5
Some special properties of dynamical system caused by non-linear eigenvalue problem
Jan Kozanek*
On the theory of wave gravitational field arising under orbital motion of a gravitating body
Alexander Krot*
String lattices vibrating near limiters
Vitaly Krupenin*
Nonlinear dynamics of flexible mesh cylindrical panels in the white noise's field
Ekaterina Krylova*, Jan Awrejcewicz, Irina Papkova, Vadim Krysko
Oscillations of flexible orthotropic meshed micropolar Timoshenko's plate
Ekaterina Krylova*, Jan Awrejcewicz, Irina Papkova, Vadim Krysko
Dynamics of the size-dependent plates based on reduction of the problem dimension
Anton V. Krysko*, Jan Awrejcewicz, Igor A. Kopnin, Мaxim V. Zhigalov, Vadim A. Krysko
Analysis of human EEG to identify pathological conditions using nonlinear dynamics methods
Anton V. Krysko*, Maxim V. Zhigalov, Sergey P. Pavlov, Olga A. Saltykova, Irina V. Papkova, Tatyana Y. Yaroshenko, Tatyana V. Yakovleva, Vitalyi V. Dobriyan, Ilya E. Kutepov, Nikolai P. Erofeev, Jan Awrejcewicz, Vadim A. Krysko
Nonlinear dynamics of NEMS resonators in temperature fields
Anton V. Krysko*, Jan Awrejcewicz, Ilya E. Kutepov, Vadim A. Krysko
Complex vibrations of flexible beam NEMS elements, taking into account Casimir's forces in additive white noise
Vadim A. Krysko, Jan Awrejcewicz, Irina V. Papkova, Anton V. Krysko*
Nonlinear dynamics of flexible nanoplates resting on an elastic foundation in a stationary temperature field
Vadim A. Krysko-jr*, Jan Awrejcewicz, Irina V. Papkova
Sensitivity research of the gyro system tracking the ground target from the quadrotor in conditions of external disturbances impact
Izabela Krzysztofik*, Zbigniew Koruba
Vibration and buckling of laminated plates of complex form under in-plane uniform and non-uniform loading
Lidiya Kurpa*, Victoriya Tkachenko*, Anna Linnik* — special session No. 12
Nonlinear dynamics of a planar beam–spring system: a 2:1 internal transversal-axial resonance
Łukasz Kłoda*, Stefano Lenci, Jerzy Warmiński
Innovative tuned resonant devices for offshore floating wind turbines
Valentina Laface*, Carlo Ruzzo, Giuseppe Failla, Felice Arena — special session No. 3
Experimental validation of valve solenoid numerical model
Jakub Lagodzinski*, Eliza Tkacz
Dynamic analysis of a steel temporary grandstand subjected to human-induced excitations due to jumping
Natalia Lasowicz, Tomasz Falborski*
Primary and combined multi-frequency parametric resonances of a rotating thin-walled composite beam under harmonic base excitation
Jarosław Latalski*, Jerzy Warmiński — special session No. 4
Discrete-time model reference sliding mode control using an exponential reaching law
Paweł Latosiński*, Andrzej Bartoszewicz
Nanoparticle mass detection using suspended microchannel resonator with account for internal fluid flow
Yulia Ledovskaya*
Dynamic monitoring and online automatic modal parameters of a super high arch dam
Shuai Li*, Jin-Ting Wang, Guang-Heng Luo, Zhi-Qian Xiang — special session No. 4
On the decoupling of electromechanical systems
Roberta Lima, Rubens Sampaio*, Peter Hagedorn — special session No. 4
Maximal stick duration for an electromechanical system
Roberta Lima, Rubens Sampaio* — special session No. 1
Locating unknown steady states: When machine learning meet time series dataset
Wei Lin* — special session No. 1
Experimental validity of highly sensitive atomic force microscope (AFM)
Yubo Lin*, Hiroshi Yabuno, Xuan Liu
Switched Reluctance Motor dynamic eccentricity modelling
Jakub Lorencki*
Portable system for upper limb movement tracking
Michał Ludwicki*, Kinga Ostrowska, Natalia Marcinowska, Mateusz Kaszowski
Nonlinear dynamics of microbeam resonators under periodical and pulse opto-thermal excitations
Aleksei Lukin*, Ivan Popov, Lev Shtukin, Olga Privalova, Dmitry Indeitsev — special session No. 1
Analytical periodic motions to chaos in nonlinear dynamical systems
Albert Luo* — keynote speech
Topologies that favor synchronization in energy transmission networks
Elbert Macau* — special session No. 1
Flexural waves propagation in piezoelectric metamaterial beam
Marcela Machado*, Adriano Fabro, Braion Moura
Traveling waves and spatio-temporal chaos in nonlinear dynamical systems
Nikolai Magnitskii*
Bond graph modeling and simulation of left ventricle of human heart
Mohit Makkar, Saransh Jain* — special session No. 7
Beam-like and shell-like nonlinear normal modes interaction of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Leonid Manevitch*, Valery Smirnov — special session No. 5
New development of non-stationary resonant dynamics
Leonid Manevitch* — special session No. 9
Thermoelastic large amplitude vibration of bi-material beams
Emil Manoach*, Simona Doneva, Jerzy Warminski
Nonlinear vibration of Bernoulli-Euler beam resting on a Winkler elastic foundation
Vasile Marinca, Nicolae Herisanu*
Dynamics assessment of mechanically induced solid phase transitions in shape memory alloys via nonlocal thermomechanical coupling
Adam Martowicz*, Sławomir Kantor, Jan Pawlik, Jakub Bryła, Jakub Roemer
Improving capabilities of constitutive modeling of shape memory alloys for solving dynamic problems via application of neural networks
Adam Martowicz*, Mikołaj Żabiński, Jakub Bryła, Jakub Roemer
Collective dynamics of neural networks in problems of reservoir computing
Oleg Maslennikov*, Mechislav Pugavko, Vladimir Nekorkin — special session No. 1
Dynamics of a network of map-based neurons in problems of reservoir computing
Oleg Maslennikov*, Mechislav Pugavko, Vladimir Nekorkin — special session No. 1
Role of the immune system in AIDS-defining malignancies
João Maurício de Carvalho*, Carla Pinto — special session No. 11
Probabilistic paths dynamics over weighted complex networks
Pablo Medina*, Alejandro Valdivia* — special session No. 1
Structural stability of interaction networks against negative external fields
José Fernando Mendes* — special session No. 1
Nonlinear normal vibration modes and associated problems
Yuri V. Mikhlin* — keynote speech
Stability of steady states with regular or chaotic behaviour in time
Yuri Mikhlin*, Nataliia S. Goloskubova, Tatyana V. Shmatko — special session No. 9
Model of a pneumatic tire and road cooperation based on 3-state flexible elements.
Tomasz Mirosław* — special session No. 10
Innovative application of quality methods to assess the homogeneity of the noise level distribution generated by F-16 multirole aircrafts
Agnieszka Misztal, Grzegorz M. Szymański*, Wojciech Misztal
Two sound sources in implanted middle ear – numerical analysis
Andrzej Mitura*, Rafal Rusinek
On the spinning motion of a disc under the influence a gyrostatic moment
Mohamed Mohamed, Tarek Amer, Yasser Gamiel*
On the vibrational analysis for the motion of a rotating cylinder
Mohamed Mohamed*, Tarek Amer, Mohamed Abohamer
Modeling of electro-hydraulic servo-drive for advanced control system design
Jakub Mozaryn*, Damian Suski, Arkadiusz Winnicki
Electrostatically actuated initially curved micro beams: analytical and finite element modelling
Nadezhda Mozhgova*, Alexey Lukin, Ivan Popov
Surface waves in a multi-layered elastic half-space
Ali Mubaraki*, Danila Prikazchikov — special session No. 5
System size resonance in a 1-D array of noisy bistable piezoelectric harvesters
Aravindan Muralidharan*, Shaikh Faruque Ali
Special session on advances in fractional order modelling and control
Cristina Muresan*, Carla Pinto, Eva Dulf — special session No. 11
Investigation of coupled piezoelectric and multiple electromagnetic hybrid vibration energy harvester
Rajarathinam Murugesan, Aravindan Muralidharan*, Shaikh Faruque Ali
Response sensitivity of damper-connected adjacent structural systems subjected to fully non-stationary random excitations
Giuseppe Muscolino*, Federica Genovese, Tiziana Alderucci — special session No. 3
Nonlinear dynamics of the hierarchic system of oscillators
Sergiy Mykulyak*, Sergii Skurativskyi*
Finite element analysis of magneto-rheological fluid embedded on journal bearings
Airton Nabarrete*, Gustavo de Freitas Fonseca — special session No. 2
On qualitative analysis of lattice dynamical system of two- and three-dimensional biopixels array: bifurcations and transition to chaos
Oleksandr Nakonechnyi, Vasyl Martsenyuk*, Aleksandra Kłos-Witkowska
Cloning of chimera states in a multiplex network of relaxation oscilators
Vladimir Nekorkin* — special session No. 1
Optimization of the actuator/sensor placement for active vibration control of a funnel shaped piezoelectric structure
Tamara Nestorović*, Kevin Hassw, Atta Oveisi
On the use of transmissibility to estimate vibro-acoustic responses in operational conditions
Miguel Neves, Hugo Policarpo, Nuno Maia*, Dmitri Tcherniak
Suppression of impact oscillations in a railway current collection system with an additional oscillatory system
Naoto Nishiyama*, Kiyotaka Yamashita
Lyapunov function-based control of a DC/DC buck converter using Hybrid Systems formalism
Luz Adriana Ocampo, Fabiola Angulo*, David Angulo-Garcia
Numerical and experimental investigations of dynamics of magnetic pendulum with an aerostatic bearing
Ewelina Ogińska*, Krystian Polczyński, Dariusz Grzelczyk, Jan Awrejcewicz
Analysis of dynamical response of a Stewart platform operating in six degrees of freedom
Paweł Olejnik*, Jan Awrejcewicz
Verification of various leak detection algorithms based on flow dynamics model using liquid transmission pipeline prototype
Paweł Ostapkowicz*
A comparative survey of software computational tools in the field of optimal control
Stepan Ozana*, Tomas Docekal, Filip Krupa, Jakub Nemcik, Jakub Mozaryn
Design of a medium-scale test for the assessment of a resonant seismic barrier within the ReWarD Project
Antonio Palermo, Farhad Zeighami, Athanasios Vratsikidis, Zhibao Cheng, Dimitris Pitilakis, Alessandro Marzani* — special session No. 3
Analytical and numerical modelling of surface acoustic waves in rotating media
Alexei Papirovskiy*, Alexei Lukin, Ivan Popov
Vibrations of flexible beam NEMS elements in a temperature field taking into account Coulomb forces
Irina V. Papkova, Vadim A. Krysko, Jan Awrejcewicz, Alena A. Zakharova, Anton V. Krysko*
Dynamics of logistic train
Wojciech Paszkowiak*, Tomasz Bartkowiak — special session No. 10
Alternative inverse kinematic calculation methods in velocity and acceleration level
Dóra Patkó, Ambrus Zelei*
Sensitivity analysis of the new concept of a vibration-reduction system for continuous miner
Mariusz Pawlak*, Wojciech Klein, Jan Kania, Arkadiusz Mężyk — special session No. 12
A double pendulum in 3 dimensions -- a model-based analysis of the balancing human body
Balint Petro*, Rita M. Kiss — special session No. 6
Experimental evaluation of PLC based fractional order PI^lambdaD^mu temperature control in pipeline
Jakub Petryszyn, Jakub Mozaryn*, Stepan Ozana
On mode formation and transitions in self-sustained friction induced vibrations
Valery Pilipchuk* — special session No. 9
Optimal design of Tuned Mass Damper Inerter for base isolated structures
Antonina Pirrotta*, Alberto Di Matteo, Chiara Masnata — special session No. 3
Theoretical and numerical analysis of different modes in a system of a “kicked” magnetic pendulum
Krystian Polczyński*, Adam Wijata, Jan Awrejcewicz
Analysis of the kinematics of the process of deformation of motorcar bodies during side impact crash tests carried out to the FMVSS 214 and conventional test procedures
Leon Prochowski, Miroslaw Gidlewski*, Mateusz Ziubiński*, Krzysztof Dziewiecki — special session No. 10
The control model’s impact on the car and trailer set movement in experimental and simulation research
Leon Prochowski, Mateusz Ziubiński*, Patryk Szwajkowski, Tomasz Pusty, Mirosław Gidlewski — special session No. 10
Stability and vibration of a two-member cantilever column with an integrated PZT rod
Jacek Przybylski, Krzysztof Kuliński*
Numerical procedure for sensitivity analysis of hybrid systems
Radosław Pytlak*, Damian Suski, Tomasz Tarnawski
Identification of nonlinear joint interface parameters using instantaneous power flow balance approach
Anish Rajan*, Shankar Krishnapillai
Parametric identification of non linear structures using Particle Swarm Optimization based on power flow balance criteria
Anish Rajan*, Shankar Krishnapillai
Rank distributions, nonlinear dynamics, and number theory
Alberto Robledo*, Carlos Velarde — special session No. 1
Bayesian assessment of viscoelastic damping models
Fernando Rochinha*, Reniene Santos, Daniel Castello — special session No. 3
Detection of chaotic behavior of the dynamical system using methods of deformable active contours
Constantin Ruchkin*
The algorithm solution of the problem of optimal control in a dynamic one-sector economic model with a discrete time based on dynamic programming method
Anna Rudak*
Effect of electromechanical coupling in the middle ear with implantable hearing device
Rafal Rusinek*, Krzysztof Kecik, Andrzej Mitura
Study of the Duffing van der Pol system dynamics using RQA measures
Andrzej Rysak, Magdalena Gregorczyk*
A comparison of the common types of nonlinear energy sinks
Adnan S. Saeed*, Mohammad AL-Shudeifat
A study on the coefficient of restitution effect on single-sided vibro-impact nonlinear energy sink
Adnan S. Saeed*, Mohammad AL-Shudeifat
Unpredictability in physical systems: Basin entropy and Wada basins
Miguel A.F. Sanjuan* — keynote speech
Effect of uncertainty in dynamic response of multi-cracked beams
Roberta Santoro*, Giuseppe Failla* — special session No. 3
Damage detection in beams using an additional roving mass based on the natural frequency shifting
Juliana Santos* — special session No. 12
Ggeometry optimization of aeroelastic energy harvester
Filip Sarbinowski*, Roman Starosta
Experimental analysis of dynamic susceptibility of selected elements of the railway braking system
Wojciech Sawczuk*, Grzegorz Marek Szymański — special session No. 1
Bio-Inspired Tactile Sensing: Distinction of the overall object contour and macroscopic surface features
Moritz Scharff* — special session No. 6
Investigation of a tensegrity structure with multiple equilibrium configurations as jumping motion system
Philipp Schorr*, Valter Böhm, Lena Zentner, Klaus Zimmermann
Alternation of stability character in systems with positional non-conservative forces
Yury Selyutskiy*
Piezoaeroelastic system based on a double aerodynamic pendulum
Yury Selyutskiy*, Andrei Holub, Ching-Huei Lin — special session No. 7
On dynamics of a rigid block on visco-elastic foundation
Yury Selyutskiy*, Rinaldo Garziera, Luca Collini — special session No. 7
Closed loop system identification using fractional order model
Pritesh Shah*, Ravi Sekhar — special session No. 11
Integrable dissipative dynamical systems: backgrounds, methods, and applications
Maxim V. Shamolin*
Biomechanical analysis of different foot morphology during standing on a dynamic support surface
Yang Shu*, Jan Awrejcewicz, Bartłomiej Zagrodny — special session No. 6
Nonlinear control of an inverted pendulum actuated by two reaction wheels
Joao Francisco Silva Trentin*, Samuel da Silva, Jean Marcos de Souza Ribeiro, Hanspeter Schaub — special session No. 2
Nordmark map and the problem of large-amplitude chaos in an impact oscillator
David Simpson, Viktor Avrutin, Soumitro Banerjee* — special session No. 1
A delta-robot-based test bench for validation of smart products
Renan Siqueira*, Osman Altun, Paul Gembarski, Roland Lachmayer
A system for improving directional stability involving individual braking of 1, 2, or 3 wheels of articulated rigid body vehicles
Aleksander Skurjat*, Andrzej Kosiara — special session No. 10
The influence of lateral swaying on the trajectory of articulated rigid body vehicles
Aleksander Skurjat* — special session No. 10
Dynamics of a turbocharger rotor supported on floating ring journal bearings with shallow axial grooves of uncertain dimensions
Luboš Smolík, Pavel Polach*, Michal Hajžman
Structural dynamic response of the coupling between transmission lines and tower under random excitation
Yanne Soares Fernandes, Marcela Machado*, Maciej Dutkiewicz
Instability and vibration control by means of piezoceramic element
Krzysztof Sokół*
Experimental determination of natural frequencies and response stiffness elastically supported body
Josef Soukup, František Klimenda, Blanka Skočilasová, Lenka Rychlíková*, Jan Skočilas
Dynamic analysis and damage of composite layered plates reinforced by unidirectional fibers subjected low velocity impact
Josef Soukup, MIlan Žmindák, Pavol Novák, František Klimenda, Michal Kaco, Lenka Rychlikova*
Vortex induced vibrations (VIV) in rotating blade structures
Grzegorz Stachyra, Jerzy Warmiński — special session No. 4
Mechanical design of an exoskeleton for rehabilitation of lower limbs
Bartosz Stańczyk*, Dariusz Grzelczyk, Olga Jarzyna, Jan Awrejcewicz
Complex patterned precipitation dynamics in toroidal reactors with two diffusion sources
Rabih Sultan*, Huria Ibrahim, Dalia Ezzeddine
Resonance study of spring pendulum based on MSM solutions with polynomial approximation
Grażyna Sypniewska-Kamińska*, Jan Awrejcewicz, Henryk Kamiński, Robert Salamon
Free vibration frequencies of simply supported bars with variable cross section
Olga Szlachetka*, Jacek Jaworski, Marek Chalecki
Testing and analysis of vibrations of a tension transmission with a thermally sealed belt
Grzegorz M. Szymański*, Piotr Krawiec — special session No. 12
Local control of an array of globally coupled oscillators
Arūnas Tamaševičius*, Elena Adomaitienė, Skaidra Bumelienė — special session No. 1
Robust design of inhibitory neuronal networks displaying rhythmic activity
Joseph D. Taylor*, Kamal Abu-Hassan, Joanne van Bavel, Marc Vos, Alain Nogaret
Optimal parameter estimation for single-neuron models
Joseph D. Taylor*, Alain Nogaret
Parameters estimation by harmonic probing of hysteresis models of bolted jointed
Rafael Teloli*, Samuel da Silva, Gaël Chevallier — special session No. 2
Fractional dynamics and power law behaviour in soccer leagues
Jose Tenreiro Machado*, Antonio Mendes Lopes
Chaos, bifurcations and strange attractors in environmental radioactivity dynamics of some geosystems
Eugeny Ternovsky*, Alexander V. Glushkov, Olga Khetselius, Alexander Belodonov
Dynamics of non-linear processes in backward-wave tubes chain: chaos and strange attractors
Valentin Ternovsky*, Alexander V. Glushkov, Eugeny Ternovsky, Andrey Tsudik
Deterministic chaos, bifurcations and strange attractors in nonlinear dynamics of relativistic backward-wave tube
Valentin Ternovsky*, Alexander V. Glushkov, Andrey Tsudik, Oleksii Mykhailov
General decay stability analysis of coupled systems of stochastic neural networks
Biljana Tojtovska*
Evolution models for urban metabolism in Bogota
Hernán Darío Toro Zapata, Gerard Olivar Tost* — special session No. 8
Railway vehicle dynamics, bifurcations and transitions
Hans True*
Nonlinear tourist flows in Barcelona
Enric Trullols*, Imma Massana, Joana d'arc Prat, Josefina Antonijuan, Gerard Olivar — special session No. 8
Control of tremors of human’s arm by a passive nonlinear absorber
Alireza Ture Savadkoohi, Claude Henri Lamarque*, Celien Goosaert
On the influence of external stochastic excitation on linear oscillators with subcritical self-excitation applied to brake squeal
Nguyễn Thái Minh Tuấn, Paul Wulff, Nils Gräbner, Utz Von Wagner*
Nonlinear dynamics of the sensory element of the atomic force microcopy
Pavel Udalov*, Ivan Popov, Alexey Lukin
Evaluation of the crane’s actuators strength based on the results obtained from dynamics model
Andrzej Urbaś*, Krzysztof Augustynek — special session No. 2
Nonlinear vibrations of simply supported column loaded by the mass element
Sebastian Uzny*, Łukasz Kutrowski, Michał Osadnik
On the solution of the optimal control problem of inventory of a discrete product in stochastic model of regeneration
Nikita Vakhtanov*, Petr Shnurkov
Deciphering the Transport in complex systems
Juan A. Valdivia*, Jose Rogan, Pablo Medina*, Miguel Kiwi, Felipe Torres — special session No. 1
Systems with fast limit cycles and slow interaction
Ferdinand Verhulst* — special session No. 4
Application of trajectories in extended phase space for identification of external excitement
Viktorija Volkova* — special session No. 2
Identification of muscle forces of upper limbs based on the registration of motion capture system
Tomasz Walczak*, Grażyna Sypniewska-Kamińska, Renata Ferduła, Adam Pogorzała — special session No. 6
Vibration Busters -- an interdyscyplinary approach to education of dynamical systems
Ryszard Walentyński*, Damian Słota, Marcin Szczygieł
Dynamics and control of self-excited system under parametric or external excitations and time delay
Jerzy Warminski* — special session No. 4
Analytical model of a circular membrane with damage in the form of scratches
Aleksandra Waszczuk-Młyńska, Stanislaw Radkowski* — special session No. 12
Dynamics of chains as a tool to study thermomechanical properties of proteins
Piotr Weber*
Nonlinear forced oscillations of the coupled masses between repelling magnets
Krzysztof Witkowski*, Grzegorz Kudra, Sergii Skurativskyi, Grzegorz Wasilewski, Jan Awrejcewicz
The pair of oscillators coupled by the electromagnetic field
Mateusz Wojna*, Grzegorz Wasilewski, Jan Awrejcewicz
Gravity waves in channels with corrugated bottom: an asymptotic approach
Ryszard Wojnar*, Włodzimierz Bielski
Multibody models for gait analysis
Wiktoria Wojnicz*, Bartłomiej Zagrodny, Michał Ludwicki, Jerzy Mrozowski, Jan Awrejcewicz, Edmund Wittbrodt — special session No. 6
Parameter identification of the Hamiltonian dynamic model of a robot
Łukasz Woliński*, Paweł Malczyk, Marek Wojtyra*
Asymptotic stability of fractional variable order discrete-time equations with terms of convolution operators
Małgorzata Wyrwas, Dorota Mozyrska*, Piotr Oziablo — special session No. 11
Optimisation of energy absorbers in driver’s cab Impuls I rail vehicle
Paweł Wątroba, Mariusz Pawlak*, Damian Gąsiorek
Contact interaction of NEMS elements composed of a plate/beam, taking into account the Casimir and Van der Waals forces and under additive white noise
Tatyana V. Yakovleva, Jan Awrejcewicz, Svetlana A. Mitskevich, Irina V. Papkova*, Vadim A. Krysko
Nonlinear stability of a spring-supported pipe conveying fluid
Kiyotaka Yamashita*, Naoto Nishiyama, Kohsuke Katsura, Hiroshi Yabuno
Dynamics of vibrating machines with inertia excitation considering drive elasticity
Nikolai Yaroshevich*, Olha Yaroshevych, Mykola Yevsiuk
On the dynamics of blood through the circular tube along with magnetic properties
Azhar Ali Zafar*, Jan Awrejcewicz
Antropomorfic parameters of a nonlinear dynamic model of self-sustained hopping
Liliána Zajcsuk, Giuseppe Habib, Ambrus M. Zelei* — special session No. 6
Towards online transient simulation of a real heat pump
Mariusz Zamojski*, Paul Sumerauer, Christoph Bacher, Fadi Dohnal
Effect of the rotor support elements lubricated by magnetic fluids on chaotic and regular vibration of rotors during rubbing
Jaroslav Zapomel*, Petr Ferfecki, Jan Kozánek — special session No. 2
Dynamics of MEMS Coriolis Vibrating Gyroscope with an annular disk resonator under parametric excitation
Ekaterina Zavorotneva*, Alexei Lukin, Ivan Popov — special session No. 4
Structure and control strategies of exoskeletons for fatigue limitation of a healthy man
Adam Zawadzki, Tomasz Mirosław, Jakub Deda*, Zbigniew Żebrowski — special session No. 6
A dynamic finite element analysis of metatarsal stress during forefoot and rearfoot strike
Yan Zhang*, Jan Awrejcewicz
Order-parameter analysis of collective dynamics in networks of oscillators
Zhigang Zheng* — special session No. 1
Study of EEG signals in a wide range of frequencies in schizophrenia
Maxim V. Zhigalov, Sergey P. Pavlov, Anton V. Krysko, Olga A. Saltykova*, Irina V. Papkova, Tatyana Y. Yaroshenko, E.Yu. Krylova, Ilya E. Kutepov, Nikolai P. Erofeev, Jan Awrejcewicz, Vadim A. Krysko
Investigation of influence of various parameters on nonlinear dynamics of contact interaction of Bernoulli-Euler nanobeams
Мaxim V. Zhigalov, Jan Awrejcewicz, Sergey P. Pavlov, Vadim A. Krysko*
Border-collisions in a periodically forced self-oscillatory piecewise smooth system with a high number of switching manifolds
Zhanybai Zhusubaliyev*, Viktor Avrutin — special session No. 1
Mathematical model and a prototype of a linear motor controlled by a periodic magnetic field
Klaus Zimmermann*, Igor Zeidis, Simon Gast, Florian Schale, Michel Rohn, Victor Lysenko — special session No. 5
Synchronicity phenomenon of circular cylindrical shell under random excitation
Antonio Zippo*, Francesco Pellicano, Giovanni Iarriccio — special session No. 12
Energy spectrum of inhomogeneous rods with elastic and viscous boundary conditions
Ádám János Zsiros*, János Lelkes, Tamás Kalmár-Nagy
Digital prototype of test station for gears and belts dynamic analysis
Anna Šmeringaiová*, Zuzana Murčinková
Experimental assessment of the test station support structure rigidity by the vibration diagnostics method
Anna Šmeringaiová*, Imrich Vojtko
Non-smooth nonlinear model of suspension system based on piecewise linear luz(…) and tar(…) projections
Dariusz Żardecki* — special session No. 10